A la Jamaique – Chapter 3 – Ackee & Saltfish

3rd episode of this short-documentary web serie created, edited and shooted by Romain Chiffre aka Sherkhan


The Revolution will be televised – BBC

In these times when it seems that big corporations, banks and governments are doing with us whatever they want, is really nice to see how some people is using their creativity to denunciate how the system is playing with us as the same time that they make us laugh. “The revolution will be televised” is a hidden-cam show where the actors/reporters make fun at every situation that they find unfair., awaring the audience about some injusticies that usually are hidden from our eyes.
Also I found necessary to remark the musical selection of the show, fresh electronic hits (most of them from the UK) placed just in the right time.


Flying Lotus – Until the quiet comes

Insanely beautiful, directed by Kahlil Joseph and shooted on 35mm, colors and textures are truly amazing

A la Jamaique – Episode 2 – We play dominoes!

2nd chapter of this nice short-documentary serie directed by Sherkhan.

A la Jamaïque – Episode 1 – Sean is making a kite

The music producer/film director Romain Chiffre aka Sherkhan (Tiger Records) presents this short-documentary web serie named “A la Jamaïque”. On this serie Chiffre will try to show to the world the jamaican reality and the jamaican ordinary heroes like Sean, a kid who makes a kite with bamboo and a few old plastic bags. Beautiful footage and good story, I can’t wait to see the 2nd chapter of this serie!


Major Lazer ft Amber Coffman – Get Free (Official video)

50fps power!

Flying Lotus – See Thru to U featuring Erykah Badu